In 2004, Cinema, Drama and Faculty of Fine Arts began teaching and learning of Plastic Arts Department, after one year within the Animated Film - Animation added with photos and video chapters, 2008-2009 Basic Art Education into five sections in the academic year and Visual Arts also added section is given in our four year bachelor's degree after one year English preparatory education.

Faculty of Fine Arts, the association between feeding among all the arts section aims to make strong interaction. Acquainted in the course of the workshop, as well as the city, the Department supports the educational approach to obtain information by talking.

Today, considering the point of art, in all other arts students in a single area is believed to prove the yetkilig should be familiar with. To this end; Our courses are interdisciplinary faculty is created in the logical framework. Again, in addition to support the production process of the discipline as an artist is intended to be fully equipped.

Our faculty since the academic year 2008-2009 school year have been prepared in the first year of basic art education formation of a joint acquisition for all partitions. Students of philosophy, psychology, supported by collateral disciplines such as sociology, this year when he questioned the necessity and what is art, why not explore the individuality of students and the Fine Arts Faculty. They directed their course area from the second grade as students who learn the art of formation.

The students various opportunities to test business life in connection with the acquired knowledge of the sector is provided theoretical and practical courses.