Candidate in the Department of Visual Arts for artists, their philosophical, intellectual and personal aspects of a help to identify teaching and learning methods are followed. Thus, today's mix of art and technology or by assimilating the unity Film, Video, Photography, yoğunlaşararak produce in accordance with the requirements of their chosen field of specialization of industries are like and Visual and Critical Studies are encouraged. Candidates with artist workshops and theoretical studies carried out in this context while expressing themselves through art, see, hear, think and requirements related to risk-taking will experience the creativity for.

Workshop on programs and courses covering theoretical studies, by themselves established artists and academics in the fields, the theory of the historical process to date and is expected to be described in a manner intended application. Free and open communication between students and instructors, strong full-time and part-time academic staff of artists and contribute to the success of this very special program. All of these facilities in accordance with section image arts education and training in the field of vision and dreams to achieve what they have selected candidates for artists who want to see and imagine the possibility to achieve is worth.

Asst.Prof.Dr. Müjgan YILDIRIM