The permorfing arts department, aiming to train actors and propel them to create inspiring works in their respected field, has its course load resting on a fine balance of applied courses, theoretical courses; to inform and enrich the applied courses and the basic fine arts courses. Applied courses such as acting, scene studies, improvisation, voice and speech, movement, stage combat, dance and singing are taught as well as theoretical courses like script analysis, aesthetics, philosophy, history of civilization, history of drama and dramaturgy. In order to set the applied courses on a sound base, basic fine arts courses are taught along with the theoretical courses. Thus, the department, training actors for the stage, film and tv, ensures the actors to be well-equipped artists.

The academic staff forms a consistent student educator relationship from the moment the students are accepted to the program; advising them in and out of class work, supporting them at every stage of their creative process: preparation, project erformance and evaluation.In the field of acting, where the hands on work is extremely important, for our students we strive to create stage time, opportunities to improve themselves and venues to prepare and develop their own projects as well as opportunities to work with established professionals and apply what they have learned.

Along with seminars and workshops; organized to inform them of the national and international movements in the arts and to bring them together to create with the inspiring artists, an annual theatre festival is held to have them come in contact to learn, share and grow with their peers nationwide. Improving the way of the body, applying different and contemporary acting methods, implementing the stage combat skills and preparing students for on camera acting through hands on on camera courses set aside the difference of the program among other programs.

Asst.Prof.Dr. Radife AKYILDIZ ONGAR